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Building dehumidification

Removing undesirable humidity from inside buildings can be necessary for lots of reasons. These include the need to get rid of high levels of moisture left once construction or refurbishing work is complete, or the removal of moisture stemming from floods, blocked drains and other kinds of water damage. Drying things out quicker helps limit damage to buildings and their contents after flooding or other similar catastrophic events. It also reduces the time any building remains unoccupied or unusable. Tradesmen can get to work quicker on repairs, cutting down on disruption to shops and businesses as well as people’s day-to-day lives.


Mobile and deliverable

Cotes CR.B dehumidifiers are designed to quickly and effectively dry out buildings and other enclosed spaces, at minimum cost.

These compact, lightweight units are particularly easy to move around, making them ideal as mobile dehumidifiers. Compared to traditional condensation dehumidifiers, they have the big advantage of not needing emptying and attention – resulting in big savings in time and manpower. Combined with exceptional reliability, this makes Cotes dehumidification equipment a good choice for rental business. Read our case about CRAMO experience with using Cotes dehumidifiers in equipment rental business.

We also provide larger-capacity dehumidifier models for drying out big areas and larger buildings. These are built into a protective frame that is easy to move around by fork lift truck or crane.

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