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Consulting engineers

Include humidity control in your services

High, uncontrolled humidity causes corrosion, rust and condensation as well as providing conditions that favour the growth of mould and bacteria. Such conditions are inappropriate and risky for virtually all materials, structures and processes, in all branches of industry and commerce.

This makes it important to consider humidity control equipment as an integral part of your engineering consultancy services, whatever the context.

From bridges, ships, tunnels and wind turbines to ice rinks, warehouses and cold storage facilities, processing plants and much more, Cotes technology and know-how can provide a visible boost to the effectiveness of your services, and also to your customers’ satisfaction about the results.


Draw on specialist know-how from Cotes

Cotes can supply you and/or your clients with a comprehensive range of adsorption dehumidifiers that are both supremely reliable and very cost-effective.

Cotes equipment is backed by extensive practical experience drawn from thousands of installations in many different industries. We are more than willing to share our know-how with you, so we can collaborate effectively on providing exactly the right solution for the task you have in mind.

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