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Everything from tanks to textiles

A lot of the matériel and equipment used by the armed services is vulnerable to damage caused by the presence of moisture − everything from tanks, aircraft, ships and weaponry to ammunition, optics, textiles and other equipment used as well as worn by military personnel.

If such high-value items are kept or stored in anything other than dry condition, or have to serve in environments characterised by high humidity, this results in:

  •     Corrosion
  •     Rust
  •     Condensation
  •     Electrical faults in components and circuitry
  •     Rot and mould

These make such military equipment less serviceable when needed and less reliable when used, and reduces its useful life. Defect and sub-standard inventory can be dangerous, and replacing it costs money.

Tackling problems at source

The proper use of modern adsorption dehumidifiers makes it possible to eliminate such problems.

Cotes dehumidification systems are extremely versatile and can be used not only for controlling levels of moisture in storage facilities and military depots, but also for dehumidification inside specific items of equipment, such as aircraft, tanks and marine vessels.

Our specially designed systems, along with our expertise and experience, ensure that these unique materials are effectively protected against the undesirable effects of moisture in the air.
Save money

Using Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers to remove unwanted moisture in the air means greater here-and-now serviceability for the equipment, as well as a longer service life and a better return on investment.

You can cut down on maintenance and replacement costs, as well as ensuring lowest possible energy consumption.

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