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Pharmaceutical industry

Uncontrolled humidity and the presence of moisture often give rise to difficult-to-manage problems when working with pharmaceutical and medical products.

Many pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and similar products consist of hygroscopic materials such as powders, granulates, capsules and tablets.


Typical problems

When such materials come in contact with any moisture present in the surrounding air, a wide range of different problems can arise:

  •     Powders clump together and cause blockages in pneumatic transport systems
  •     Weight and volume are affected
  •     Greater risk of bacterial growth
  •     The performance of active substances can be affecte
  •     Colour and other product characteristics can be affected
  •     Reduced product and coating quality
  •     Reduced product shelf life
  •     Reduced productivity due to inefficiency and downtime
  •     Problems with packaging processes



The best solution is usually to manage levels of humidity, so they are kept constant at a level that ensures greatest efficiency and fewest problems.

Adsorption dehumidification technology is by far the most effective solution when very low levels of humidity are required.

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