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Powders clump together

The many different powders used in pharmaceutical products, food and beverage products, industrial granulates and the like are all hygroscopic – they have a natural tendency to absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

The presence of excessive, uncontrolled moisture in the air inside a processing facility can therefore make many substances in powder form lumps and clump together, giving rise to a whole series of practical and quality-related problems.

An excessively high water content in powder can:

  • Ruin the material and cause clumping
  • Provide conditions for bacterial growth
  • Render powders unsuitable for pneumatic transportation in piping systems, in that clumps can block pipes and cause work stoppages
  • Result in an uneven distribution of the active substances in powders
  • Result in uneven surfaces when coating

Dehumidifiers ensure greater reliability and productivity

Each hygroscopic material has its own distinct ‘sorption isotherm’ that describes the relationship between the mount of water that the powder absorbs and the relative humidity of the air.

The point at which the moisture in the air reaches a critical level, probably causing clumping, quality fluctuations and production disruptions, varies from one material to another.

A Cotes dehumidifier can use the sorption isotherm of each particular powder as the focus point for the operating profile, enabling you to avoid powder clumping and ensure greater product consistency, operating reliability and productivity.


Problems with powders clumping?

Cotes supplies a comprehensive range of adsorption dehumidifier solutions, backed by solid long-term experience from thousands of installations in all sorts of production facilities.

We’d be pleased to assist you in the planning phase and also to share our knowledge and experience with you, to make sure of finding the best possible solution to your particular requirements.

  • Contact us, if you would like our help in taking the next step.


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