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Warehouses and storage

Protect stored goods with humidity management

Moisture problems can easily occur in virtually all kinds of warehouses and storage facilities, resulting in costly and disruptive damage to a wide range of goods and materials such as iron, powders, wood, cardboard, paper, salt, canvas, etc. And, of course, to any products stored in such facilities.

Moisture enters the building through the normal ventilation system and through small gaps in the structure of the building. The presence of such moisture in the air can result in major problems in both heated and unheated warehouses, as well as in refrigerated storage rooms and cold stores.


Heated warehouses

In heated warehouses, the focus is normally on maintaining a constant temperature. However, temperature has no effect on the inevitable fluctuations in humidity, which can damage and devalue any goods present within such a facility.

Using Cotes humidity management systems, however, your warehouse can serve as so-called ‘dry air storage’ or ‘moisture-controlled storage’. This makes sure that levels of humidity in your storage facility remain constant, while reducing your energy costs.


Unheated warehouses

You can also use dehumidifiers to protect the contents of unheated warehouses. Modern adsorption dehumidification equipment enables you to maintain any specified levels of humidity all year round, regardless of outdoor temperatures or weather conditions.

Cotes dehumidifiers enable you to upgrade and improve virtually any form of storage facility by providing full control over levels of humidity, at very little cost. It is then more accurate to call this kind of facility ‘dry air storage’ or ‘moisture-controlled cold storage’.

Such carefully controlled storage conditions provide greater usefulness and pave the way to greater revenue, ensuring a very rapid return on investment.


Refrigerated rooms and cold stores

The levels of humidity in refrigerated rooms and cold stores can also be managed using Cotes adsorption dehumidification systems.

Special models are available capable of operating at temperatures as low as -25 °C. Using Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers eliminates ice formation on the walls, the floor and on stored goods.

An important additional benefit is that the refrigeration system becomes more economical to operate, because less ice forms on the evaporators in the cooling system.

Minimum of limitations

There is only one basic requirement associated with using dehumidifiers in storage facilities – the building itself must be airtight, because humidity management involves controlling the conditions of the air inside.

Because temperature has very little effect on humidity, insulation is not required – uninsulated buildings are equally suitable once made airtight. Cotes dehumidification systems therefore enable you to make big savings on construction costs.
Save money and protect the environment

Cotes has designed special types of equipment for room dehumidification. These units ensure the lowest possible energy consumption, thanks to their carefully balanced rotor size, air volume and effect optimisation.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers have the additional advantage of being able to use virtually any available forms of energy, whether it be electricity, hot water, steam or gas. This cuts down on environmental impacts and saves money on energy – as much as 60% compared to other systems.

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