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Adsorption dehumidification

Adsorption dehumidification – how, when and what

How Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers work, how much energy they require, the components included, where and when they can be used, and which models are currently available.

How does an adsorption dehumidifier work?

An adsorption dehumidifier removes water from a volume of air that passes through it. The heart of this process is an adsorption rotor coated with a special substance that absorbs the water molecules that make up the moisture in the passing air. When saturated, the rotor is rotated over to a regeneration zone, where it is dried with heated air. The warm, humid regeneration air is led away out of the building, and the rotor is once again ready to absorb water molecules.

How much energy does a Cotes adsorption dehumidifier use?

The dehumidifier’s primary energy requirement is for the heating of the air in the Most of the energy that a Cotes dehumidifier requires is used to heat the air in the regeneration process – the air current that removes the water molecules that the rotor captures from the flow of air that passes through it.

Unlike other dehumidification systems, Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers can use many different types of energy to provide the required heat. These can include electricity, water, steam, gas or solar power, depending on customer wishes and preferences. This makes it possible to use the cheapest, most environmentally friendly form of energy.

Which components are included?

A Cotes adsorption dehumidifier is a complete unit, delivered with all the components and systems necessary for starting operation.

These include the rotor, geared motor, ventilator(s), heating surface, air filters and an integrated electrical system with all the components required for safe, reliable humidity management.

Where should I use Cotes adsorption dehumidifier systems?

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are particularly suited for use wherever lower temperatures and humidity levels are required – the possibilities are virtually limitless. Places in which Cotes dehumidifiers are often used include:
• Filtration and purification facilities
• Ice rinks
• Museums
• Silos
• Bridge structures
• Wind turbines
• Breweries
• Refrigerated and deep-freeze storage, slaughterhouses
• Waterworks, pumping stations, hydroelectric plants
• Warehouses (dry storage, climate-controlled cold storage, unheated warehouses, etc.)
• Military equipment, including tanks and fighter aircraft, and depots for storing ammunition, clothing, etc.
• Ships (double-hulled structures, holds, etc.) shipyards
• Turbines and boilers for power plants and offshore platforms, while not in operation
• Crawl spaces and basements in buildings of all kinds

When do I need an adsorption dehumidifier?

Cotes dehumidifiers play an important role in a broad spectrum of industrial activities in which dry conditions and good humidity management are essential. Examples include:
• Manufacturing laminated glass
• Production, packaging and storage of pharmaceutical products
• Air used in pneumatic transportation systems
• Dry air for coating processes used for chewing gum, pills, etc.
• Drying process used in the production of wine gums, etc.
• Dry rooms used in the manufacture of lithium batteries
• Drying out newly constructed buildings or buildings damaged by flooding
• Dry air used in spray drying systems
• Elimination of condensation on cold surfaces
• Dry air used in sandblasting and painting
• Point dehumidification of aircraft, vehicles and boats
• Drying processes in general


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