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Problem type

Problem solver

The problems that moisture in the air gives rise to within industry take on many different forms. Such moisture can cause your wood structures to rot, your electrical systems to short-circuit, your pipes to rust and your powder products to clump together.

Fortunately, the vast majority of industry’s moisture-related problems can be dealt with using Cotes adsorption dehumidification systems.

Our systems are designed to be versatile, reliable and cost-effective, and can be installed easily in almost any type of building or structure.

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The menu points on the left will guide you through the kinds of practical difficulties and operating glitches caused by undesirable levels of moisture in the air – and about how you can tackle your particular problem with the help of Cotes humidity management technologies.

Further, read our booklet "Hidden Secret in Modern Industry", to get a overview on how COTES dehumidification solutions can solve your problems.

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