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Why choose us?

Know-how and experience

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are designed, developed and perfected through projects in many different trades and industries throughout the world.

Our comprehensive practical experience benefits you directly when selecting Cotes to meet your humidity management and dehumidification requirements, no matter how complex or unusual.


Easy maintenance

We believe that dehumidification equipment should be simple and inexpensive to maintain. That’s why we use standard components available on the general market, whenever possible.

Cotes dehumidifiers are also designed and built for easy accessibility and simple service that minimises downtime.


Proven reliability

Dehumidifiers must be able to withstand constant use. We ensure long-term reliability by intelligent design and by using the most durable components on the market.

Your Cotes dehumidification solution will work exactly as intended, year after year.


Energy efficient

Cotes dehumidifier solutions are designed from the outset to use as little energy as possible to achieve maximum effect with the lowest operating costs. Our systems can be powered by virtually any available source of energy, including natural gas, solar power and steam, as well as surplus/waste heat from other processes.

Our products are CFC-free. When the time comes, many components can be recycled, making Cotes dehumidifiers better for the environment and less expensive for you.


Focus on results

We aim to supply exactly the right dehumidifier to meet your particular humidity management requirements – no larger and no smaller than needed. 

We aim to provide you with the most technically effective and energy-efficient solution for the best price. This ensures you the best possible return on investment, as well as peace of mind about having made the best decision.

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